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Patient collaboration in healthcare delivery and research development is a necessity. 

a Patient expert And dynamic Partner

Being born with a rare and chronic lung disease called cystic fibrosis, over the years of many hospital stays, doctor appointments, and procedures, I've learned the value of being a patient advocate for my own health. I believe in the importance of engaging patient communities to be active participants in healthcare across the continuum by empowering and educating them to collaborate with researchers, physicians, and pharmaceutical companies to improve disease outcomes.

With my science background, I have become an expert patient voice contributing to clinical trial development, research committees, developing patient engagement initiatives for biopharma, optimizing digital health platforms, and communicating with diverse stakeholders to deliver valuable patient insights to organizations to advance research and health.


My speaking experience spans across healthcare conferences to patient education meetings and keynotes addressing industry, providers, and other patient communities while promoting collaboration to leverage meaningful change in healthcare relying on my past research and personal experience to back my points and perspectives 

Creation of thought leadership, patient experience articles, and patient facing materials including lay research summaries. Topics span clinical trial education, patient engagement and trial recruitment strategies, optimizing communications between patients sites and sponsors, and more

Lead development and execution of  programs and engagement strategies to inform and serve patients supporting disease awareness initiatives, setting up advisory boards, patient speaker engagements and clinical trial planning and communications



“Ella Balasa is a collaborative, compassionate, purpose-driven leader who is well-respected and recognized for her input in the pharmaceutical industry. Ella and I have collaborated on numerous efforts to incorporate patient perspective into drug development. In addition, I have seen Ella speak at events. She has a unique ability of sharing her experiences in a way that relates to an audience to drive progress and change. She is an incredible story teller and writer. Every time I interact with Ella, I am impressed by her solution-driven approach and ability to inspire action.” 

—  Lindsey Smith, Associate Director, Patient Engagement

Corbus Pharmaceuticals

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